Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day Cricket

Boxing Day has always been important in the cricketing calendar. Today four international matches begin - two test matches and two one day internationals. While the ODIs are mere blips in the international cricket merry-go-round - here today, gone tomorrow - the two tests promise a great deal more. And that is the enduring attraction of hard-fought test cricket. The Australians played wonderfully well last week and their team simply goes from strength to strength; but the Pakistanis surely cannot play as badly again. So it promises to be a lot closer at the MCG though I still expect Aussie class to shine through. South Africa versus England seems harder to call. I have no great love for either side but they seem to me to be well-matched so I think it'll be a draw, quite a rarity these days. My hope is that the team I support - the bedraggled West Indies - can get their act together for the one-day series in Australia next month. I know it sounds trite but cricket needs a strong and vibrant Windies - the wheel will surely turn one of these days.


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