Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Naming Games And Stoicism

My friend, Ramon, writes with news from Manchester. He and Laura are about to have their first baby - a boy - and inevitably everyone's getting involved in the name game. Here are Ramon's thoughts on the subject. I think he's going rather crazy in a stoical kind of way:
We have endless discussions about how to name the baby. One friend's question: "... does Laura not like your father's name?". Unbelievable: 2005, UK, the guy is 31 and thinking from the XIX century! Anyway, Laura does not allow me to propose revolutionary names (Ernesto, Vladimir ...) and I don't allow her to propose a postmodern name (this is for the Beckhams). And then the family have given their opinions. As you can see, I am engaged in very philosophical, transcendental discussions. I guess this is the beginning, and that is what it worries me. Anyway, I am really happy to have discussions over the name, since it means that the baby is due to come.


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