Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Telling It As It Is

This may not have the graphic style usually associated with Filipino agit-prop banners and murals but the political sentiment could not be clearer. For those of you who can't be bothered reading the message this is what the people are saying to President Macapagal Arroyo:
Before you impose any additional burden on ordinary citizens like new taxes, higher fees, etc., you should first return the hundreds of billions you have already stolen. Then tax the rich - not the poor. If you can do these, we will solve our economic problems instantly. Meantime, please do not insult our intelligence by asking for more sacrifices and donations from the very same people you have already impoverished. Corruption in government is the cause of our misery.
I've posted before about the great Philippine tax revolt here
(scroll down). This does not come from the usual right-wing, market-loving, tax-cutting fools. It is an articulate accusation against the kleptocracy of the elite. Wasn't tax reform once the centrepiece of a revolutionary slogan?
(Hat tip: Bonn)


Blogger Aaron said...

Where in Metro Manila is this located? Surely, this did not come from the "usual" left - they never fail to put their name on every prop banner they write on the wall (Akbayan included). Perhaps, a more knowledgable (and less patronizing) civil society group? It's unlikely that this would come from the Jesuit sponsored ones, the message is just too thought-provoking for them.

Tax reform was once the centerpiece of a revolutionary slogan? By whom? When?

GMA seems to forget that the burden of too much tax measures on the masses' shoulders result in social turmoil, perhaps leading to insurgency. Does she need to be reminded of the French revolution?

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