Friday, January 07, 2005

A Poem: Tsunami Fury

A poem from the heart sent to me by my friend, Banji.

Tsunami Fury
Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka

The furious wave hissed in the dark
Deep within the ocean bed a plot
Hatched with desperate glee
Hidden from sight, hearing and smell
For a time unknown but to a few

In sudden spurts the breezy wind
Like wings of dew descend on crowded beach
Rains of salt ride the exultant sea
Sheets of glassy waters in a determined rush
Roar out of unfathomable depths to stalk the earth

Dark gales meet the sky as the rainbow emerge
In colours of fire brazing for havoc
The heavens watch as the flood responds
To commands of the deep to flush the earth
Sweeping clean the lifeless sands.

The floods of fury turn the harbinger of pain
Screams of sorrow attend your ghostly visit
The earth’s womb open to welcome its children
In droves they rush through the relentless flood
Drown out the cries of death and cries

Vast lands strewn with lifeless souls
Befuddled men women and children
Stare in horror as the waves accomplished
Their deadly task done in a wink of time
All that is left is silence, a dirge to Tsunami fury

* * *
December 29, in sympathy with all humankind
and to share the pains of those directly affected.


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