Friday, March 11, 2005

Chin Peng, My Dad And Me

I don't want to sound like Spike Milligan-lite but this man had a role in my life and I'd like to have a small part in his as he enters his dotage. The man is Chin Peng, who took over the leadership of the Communist Party of Malaya in 1947 and led the armed struggle, first against the British colonial authorities and then against the post-colonial Malaysian state, until 1989 when he agreed to end the struggle and dissolve the party. Today he's probably the least known of that generation of Asia's leaders – Gandhi and Nehru, Sukarno, Ho Chi Minh, Aung San – who led popular movements that resulted in the eclipse of empire. Despite his defeat Chin Peng has a legitimate claim to being one of the makers of modern Malaysia. After many decades of exile in Thailand, Chin Peng now wants to come home to visit his parents' graves and, probably, to die. I think he should be allowed to do so.

There are two senses in which Chin Peng's life has had an impact on mine. The first is quite personal. I guess he's the main reason why my dad came to colonial Malaya all those years ago. Chin Peng had been one of the outstanding leaders of the anti-fascist resistance as a commander in the
Malayan Peoples' Anti-Japanese Army and had even been awarded an OBE by the British authorities. But when he launched the communist struggle from his jungle redoubt the British dubbed him "Asia's most wanted man" and declared a State of Emergency. My dad's from a working class family that hails from Holyhead. What was a teenage boy to do in austerity-riven north Wales? He took the queen's shilling. After cursory training in the Brecon Beacons and the North Yorks Moors he found himself on a troop ship bound for Singapore and fighting communism in Malaya. My dad had no political education, no deep sense of who or what he was fighting, but he became a bit player in the last ignominious stand of the British empire - those dirty little wars fought with brutality in Cyprus and Kenya, Guyana and Malaya. And there he met my mum who'd had her own firsthand experiences of the wartime struggle against the Japanese. The rest is, as they say, history.

The other way that Chin Peng has shaped my life is more academic. I studied and later taught the history and politics of nationalism and decolonisation in Asia, fascinated by the so-called revolution in Monsoon Asia which - at that time - had only just reached some sort of denouement in Indochina. And then there was Malaysia. What lay behind Britain's desire to hold onto some of its colonial possessions even as Cold War realpolitik and strong US lobbying meant that their fate was effectively sealed?
Why had the British resorted with such ruthlessness - the "protected villages" strategy that were effectively concentration camps - and what was their later significance for counter-insurgency measures adopted elsewhere? How did the politics of ethnicity play out in the transition to independence? What were the tactics and strategy of a classic guerilla war? And, ultimately, why had the communist struggle in Malaya failed when it succeeded elsewhere? Those were the kinds of questions I was interested in. And Chin Peng and the struggle he led lay at the centre of my thoughts - nominally the enemy of my dad but, as I would find out later, someone whose politics (even in eventual defeat) were important in shaping post-independent Malaysia and whose character was largely sympathetic.

In the last eighteen months, Chin Peng has published two books. His autobiography My Side Of History and
Dialogues with Chin Peng: New Light on the Malayan Communist Party. They are both invaluable insights into the man and the struggle, as well as key documents of contemporary Malaysian history and the history of revolution in Monsoon Asia. They are part of a recent upsurge in publishing the memoirs of these old comrades and may, in the long run, spark an historiographical reappraisal. The autobiography is a story of idealism and self-sacrifice that is well told. And there is a remarkable candour when it comes to assessing the failures of his struggle. Here is an overview of his accounting of history:
Having lived as long as I have, I am now able to enjoy what I can only describe as a levitated view of history. I was instrumental in playing out one side of the Emergency story. Access to declassified documents today gives me the ability to look back and down on the other side and see the broad picture. In the grim days of 1953, my comrades and I were struggling to hold our headquarters together. We plotted and manoeuvred to outfox security force ground patrols and outwit not only enemy jungle tactics but overall strategy as well. Sometimes we succeeded. Sometimes we failed.
Last week Chin Peng filed an application to return to Malaysia with hundreds of his comrades at the Penang High Court. The Malaysian government has previously rejected his applications to return. He has made this moving appeal to the authorities:
I had indicated my wish to be allowed to visit my hometown so that I could pay homage to the graves of my grandfather, parents and my brothers in the Chinese cemetery, halfway between Sitiawan and Lumut. This duty is still uppermost in my mind .… It is ironic that I should be without the country for which I was more than willing to die.
As his autobiography demonstrates, Chin Peng is a remarkable man. Today his burning idealism is tinged with a new realism about the possibilities for change but he still holds to a core set of beliefs that must make the Malaysian ruling class shudder:
I am still a socialist. I certainly still believe in the equitable distribution of wealth, though I see this could take eons to evolve.
The campaign to bring Chin Peng home has already begun in earnest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baling (membaling), a production directed by Mark Teh, recounts the Baling peace talks and gives a different perspective of history than the ones we learn in Sejarah textbooks

11:54 am  
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Anonymous Tony Rogers said...

As an ex-member of the 1st Battalion THE SUFFOLK Regiment I have followed Chin Peng's application to return to Malaya with great interest. At our last Old Comrades Association meeting I read your artical to our members and it was suggested that a few of us should fly out to Malaya and assist him by transporting him back to his homeland the same way we transported 200 of his comrades
"ON A POLE" like a dead pig.
Let us all remember that Chin Peng
was not a soldier, he was a common
murderer. I hope he rots in hell.
22 of my friends are buried in the Cherus road cemetery because of him. They cannot speak, but we can.
Tony Rogers
The Suffolk Regt
Old Comrades Association

7:00 am  
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Anonymous A Police Field Force's son said...

He is a murderer and a destroyer. A very hedious man. A shame and bane to his own family. Because of him they live and cower like dogs. If he ever lands in the country, there will be many who like to get hold of him. Only fools and derange minds will admire and respect this monster.

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a son of a military officer, I was no stranger to Chin Peng, If emergency was not declared, Chin Peng would be classified as a hero. History is usually written by the victors and in Chin Peng case much of history is actually lost. All ChinPeng wanted to do was to drive all colonials out from the land he loved. Remember, it was not Chin Peng who declared an emergency..... Emergency was declared by our colonial occupiers for their own self interest.

12:50 pm  
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Anonymous Amanda NYC said...

I'm now studying about the Emergency and the communists in school. I decided to dig a bit deeper on Chin Peng and I discovered that what we are studying about 'Pengganas komunis' is just really one side of the story. Why are they dubbed 'Pengganas'? Are they the only people who were 'ganas'? Chin Peng was an amazing man who just had a different ideology and loved his country. I hope he actually gets to return to Malaysia.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Rogers:
You don't sound like Malaysian. If you aren't, why the hell are were you in Malaysia colonizing our country??

You have no rights here and your friends rotting in hell now deserve it.

Don't worry, you'll join them soon.

2:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chin Peng has no place in Malaysia. He is just a china-man transplanted to another land. If he ever come back we will skin him like a pig and we can do the same to his supporters. Chin Peng is just a tool of unsuccesful Chinese imperialism.

2:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a muderer! I agree he should come back to Malaysia, but ONLY to be charged for muder and answer to surviving family members of those he killed. The cheek he got to come back here to visit his family's grave. He never fought for this country.He fought for his own ideology. To make this land a communist country.

He' just a brutal muderer, how can you have high regards for this trash? Probably you never felt the pain that his atrocities have caused. Wake up man!

1:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

saya orang malaysia yang berumur 25 tahu.mendengar bahawa chin peng ingin kembali ke malaysia dan mn dpat perhatian membuatkan sy berfikir bhw ada juga "malaysian"yg dangkal tentang isu ini.chin peng tdk patut dibenarkan sama sekali pulang ke malaysia. jika benar, dia patut diadili di mahkamah sebagai panjenayah perang.ketepikan isu chin peng sdah tua,nazak atau apa saje, ideologinya tlh mangakibatkan banyak org terbunuh khasnya anggota tentera.

10:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chin peng doesnt represent communism. he represents terrorism, he did that by engaged in violence and war crimes.
After world war 2 ended, only the MCP have military might and organization , this is after being aided by the british (who they claim to be their
they abused that might by terrorizing the country especially the majority malays who after 100 years have been sidelined and oppressed by the British rule in favour of the immigrants who just want to enjoy capitalist business. These helpless farmers are the actual victims of british capitalism. They have the right to claim their resistance to British and capitalism.

the chinese businessmen enjoyed greatly from capitalism.they gained enormous wealth.and other immigrants envied and they start to fight for the chinese did not engaged in communism because of oppression. they just want to take over this country and hand it over to china. they want to further plunder this country.
MCP is just a one race affair of greed. they dont give a shit about equitable share of wealth.

10:07 am  
Blogger Mohd Shahnom Ismail said...


Kamu orang Malaysia kan?

Ku dah lama fikir kenapa Chin Peng teruk sangat dikutuk dan dibenci orang BN/UMNO

Teruskan menulis mengenai Chin Peng

All d best bro!!

6:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chinese, you may stay in Malaysia for the profit and wealth, don't bother much bout the politics and never redeem the lands that's not yours.
Allowed to migrate here to boost our economy (that's all) and now you're planning to take our land piece by piece??. Singapore is history my fellow chinese businessmen. That's Malaya's mistake in the past. Now you got another island = Penang legally with the help of PKR during the election which unfortunately caused by the stupidity of our UMNO/BN leaders (Thanks PKR for nothing).
Now you're assembling a powerful Chinese murderers (ChinPeng in exact) to fight against our nation's army whom you know u can't defeat since they're 99% Malays. Isn't it too obvious?? You guys are asking for blood bath...*idiots* go and join BinLaden if u wanna play wif weapons or you may play Counter strike to satisfy ur need for blood. LoLs

11:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well i love Hitler..alot ppl said Hitler is bad, but he is actualy good person. If u dont beleive me, ask everyone who supported him. But of coz history has never been written in favor of him.
/sarcasm off.

2:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to say... Let him die anywhere else.. but not here in my malaysia... he should be kill long time a go, but he's not.. that's the best thing he can get.. we should close all door to him..

9:15 am  
Anonymous Fahmi said...

Jgn Bagi Chin Peng Balik malaysia sebab dia memang bos penganas dan pembunuh. Ada cerita aku nak share skit kat kampung aku. Lepas jepun blah dari malaya lepas perang dunia II, tiba tiba jer org china yang bukak kedai kat kampung aku ada pistol, senapang dan diaorang ni adalah orang bintang tiga (PKM). Diorang ni tangkap ramai orang kampung. ada yg kene siksa dan bunuh. Padahal waktu jepun kat malaya org cina yg ada pistol dan senapang, ok jer dengan org kampung. Org kampung pun tak kacau dia.
Aku bukan nak racist tapi inilah yg berlaku kat kampung aku. Kalau komunis dapat malaya aku rasa kampung aku tingal nama jer, org yg hidup kat situ pun sumer org bintang tiga.
Aku pun bukan suka kat british pun tapi kemerdekaan malaya bukan dicetuskan oleh chin peng. Sebelum perang dunia pertama lg dah ada org lawan british mcm Md kilau, temenggung bahaman dan ramai lagi.

4:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe chin peng suddenly realize that it has been all the while a lost cause for him...

mother china have already embracing capitalist idea and people there are no longer equal in terms of economic... soviet union is no longer an entity and the only country that can be proud to call themself a socialist is only Cuba.

11:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all those that make stupid general statements that all Chinese are just immigrants, should stay out of Malaysian politics and "kau tau" to the "Son of the earths" as you think that this country is really only for your race shows how shallow you are and selfish too as we Chinese (whom are not communist actually made Malaysia successful, in terms of developing this economy, country and we chinese even were the KEY race that helped Kicked out Chin Peng in the first place as most of the Special Branch officers and key strategist that infiltrated the CPM back then were all Chinese. Please STOP associating all Chinese with Communist as that is not the case. As I and probably my entire family HATES CHIN PENG & COMMUNISM. We definately dont support that Chin Peng should be let back to Malaysia.

And here is my family's story of why I support that Chin Peng SHOULDNT be let back into Malaysia:

Back then, my grandfather, was one of the richest estate owner in Johor. However during that time, he and many estate owners were threaten by the CPM to help them by providing shelter, food and money.

He at first refused, but gave in later as he saw many of his friends, workers and fellow estate owners killed during the CPMs "Traitor Killings" program. (Hunting down all Chinese who supported the British or refuse to support them)

In the end he finally gave up to their demands after his own estate workers(malays) were found hanged in his estate. He didnt have a choice as at that time, things were different, the CPM were the only political party that was effective. They also had an effective army as most of the communist were trained by the British to fight the Japanese.

The malays and the royals were not equipt or organized enough to help (as most of them were actually abit confused and lost as they were actually recruited in by the japanese to become police officers during the japanese occupation, So when the Japanese left, the police was in a mess).

As my grandfather couldn't turn to them and fearing for his and his family's life, he gave in to the communist demands.

When the British came back after the war, he was arrested and imprisoned for 6 years. (Prior to his arrest, he was actually informed by the police commander in Johor (who is a Malay) that the british was coming after him and asked him to flee to Hong Kong, but he decided to stay as he felt he didnt do any thing wrong).

When they arrested him, all his plantations (thosands of aches) were seized. My grandma sold most of their remaining assets to bribe the police and politicians (and yes, they were the Malays)to get him out of prison and also used it to support the entire family during his imprisonment.

Finally after 6 years, he got out but had lost most of his wealth and also died not long after. Because of the communist, my family's destiny took a very different path. If not for the communist, my family would still be one of the richest family in Johor.

1. CHIN PENG's MOTIVE may be correct but his actions were WRONG.
2. AND to those Malays(who claim that Chinese are here to just make a profit and is not loyal are INFACT just as much a 2-headed snake.

8:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think chin peng should be allowed to come back for a visit or to fulfill his final wish. no matter what he had done previously but those are the past

4:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I strongly agreed that chin peng can return home, only to fulfill his wishes, after that he shouldn't come back again, that's the deal..come on guys...past is past...

9:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man.. I hope u'll not misled..
obviously Chin Peng is and will not be our hero ~ ever

2:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I think we as a malaysian should not let Chin Peng to come back (even for a visit).
After what he has done to our country and left bitterful memories to our people. Beat it the malay, chinese or indian! thousands of people died because of him.

on the other hand, i think we as a malaysian, we should unite with one another. We should be proud to be malaysian!

4:00 pm  
Blogger HusseinAbdul Hamid said...

Hi name is Hussein Hamid - I have a blog 'steadyaku47' . Came across your piece "Chin Peng, my Dad and Me"..and I enjoyed reading i and posted it on my blog too with a link to yours. I did not have your email to seek your permission to do so first - I am in the midst of highlighting this injustice to Chin Peng on my blog and your article is relevant - and I wanted others to read it to.


7:35 am  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of you who commented here are idiots!'s none of your fucking business to say anything...fuck you all...and may all of you and your families ROT IN HELL!..quoting tony rogers the jerk.

btw, tony, you are a son-of-a bitch, you know that....

6:22 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chin Peng should have been hanged instead of being pardoned for his crimes against the Malayan/Malaysian people as did General Tomoyuki Yamashita of Japan after the Second Wolrd War for the war crimes commited. Chin Peng was and is a criminal like any other blood thirsty animal,in the name of his and China's expansionist communist ideologies.Pardoned is not deserving for such a perverted criminal.

8:31 pm  
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9:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CPM had surrendered by signing peace treaty in Thailand. If Musa Ahmad, Shamsiah Fekeh & others can be forgiven. Why not Chin Peng .He helped the british to fight the Japanese during the war. They colonized our country .We must learned to forgave; just like the Vietnem war. US troop killed/murdered innocent people. But now the Vietnamese government never put harted to US.Instead the helped the poor in Vietnam. Even of PM of Malaysia have close ties with China; whose idelogy is Communisim. Remember; during japanese invasion Malaya ; many innocence people killed/murdered by the jap. But why our government did not asked for compensation for war crime. Instead we have close business ties with the Japanese Government. We must learn to forgave them. But they also paid the price for what they did.God almighty is great.

5:39 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

let d old chap come back

11:59 pm  
Anonymous S Singha said...

I guess the winners get to distort history. It's interesting how the Malays take all the credit for fighting/gaining independence from the British. They very conveniently consign their cooperation/collabaration with the Japanese to the footnote of history. The Sultans, some of whom were paid stipends by the Japanese and the Malays who served under the Japanese as police, etc., did little to fight against the Japanese occupation. It was the Chinese in the main, under MCP who aided the British in the jungles of Malaya. Chin Peng is referred to as a terrorist - but one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter! You only need to look at the leaders of Isreal who were treated as terrorist under British occupation who were subsequently treated as liberators and heroes. Other examples abound in Africa (Nelson Mandela), and in Europe. The British were no shrinking violets when they ruled half the world - they werte responsible for masacres In Africa, India and in Malaya. Documents pertaining to these were locked away for years. For those who say Chin Peng was a terrorist, you conveniently forget that he fought for independence when the Malays were working hand in hand with the Japanese. At least have the decency to honour the agreement that he would be allowed to resettle in Malaysia. Is the Malaysian Government so afraid of him and his legacy? For the Suffolfk Regiment to make the comments it has, this is really beneath them. After all, how many innocent people did they detain/kill in Malaya?

The Malaysian Government should be ashamed of its current stand against Chin Peng, the Suffolk Regt demeans its status with its response when neither your hands weren't clean either (the British relied on Chin Peng and MCP to fight against the Japanese), how
many Malays gave up their lives during the Japanese occupation?
At least have the decency to give Chin Peng what he was promised - a return to Malaysia to visit his family graves. After all, the Malaysian government didn't hesitate to allow Malay members of MCP to return to Malaysia. What are you afraid of?

4:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hardest thing in the world is to learn how to forgive those who hate you,those who discriminate you, those who look down on you and those who envy you. The world has changed and the people mindsets will change with time. One of the greatest Teacher of the world once said; hatred can only be overcome by loving kindness and if we continue to harbour anger and hatred becos of the past, we will never move forward in this life time and the world will never change;instead we will live in the dark ages of time with anger,hatred and delusion as our mentor; tormenting us generation by generation. Only by forgiving your enemy the path from darkness to light will be achieved. So,to those who hated Chin Peng; give him a break and forgive what he had done in past and give him a chance to come home to the land where he was born. I am sure God would have done the same to him.

5:23 pm  
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